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Dry Stone Walling

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E: info@simplystonegloucestershire.co.uk


Dry stone Walling

Lime Repointing     

Internal and external work

Steps & Patios      

Repairs & Restoration      


We Specialise In

We provide dry stone walling in Stroud and surrounding areas in Gloucestershire, with a wealth of experience in dry stone walling we have built up an excellent knowledge and have worked on many different projects.

Dry Stone Walling Stroud

Dry Stonewalling

We offer a range of dry stonewalling services, using locally sourced stone.

We offer construction of new stone wall, either dry stone or lime and mortared stonework.

We construct gateways, pillars and other features.

Please contact us  info@simplystonegloucestershire.co.uk or 01453 454339  for quotes and competitive rates.

Stone Wall Repairs

We offer repair and restoration of stone walls, gateways and pillars.

Please contact us at info@simplystonegloucestershire.co.uk or 01453 453133 for further details.